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I write about my research subjects in popular media outlets. Here are a few links to some of those pieces.



New York Times

August , 2019

Ex-FARC’s Leader Call to Arms Is Bad News for Colombians

In a video released on Wednesday, a former top commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia issued a new call to arms. Luciano Marín, who is ... Read more


The Atlantic

June 11, 2016

When Muhammad Ali Was in My Corner

They were very intense days, 781 of them. Days filled with meetings in Washington, from the Oval Office to the suite of the secretary of state, and up and down Capitol Hill and Embassy Row... Read more


The Conversation

January 17, 2019

Violence and killings haven’t stopped in Colombia despite landmark peace deal

A deadly car bomb at a Bogotá police academy claimed by Colombia’s National Liberation Army, or ELN, is the latest sign that Colombia’s civil war is not over... Read more

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