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My research examines the central role that the media plays in Colombia's armed conflict. I am interested in the shifting techniques of warfare in the twenty-first century and the ways strategies, tactics, and practices of representation have come to occupy increasingly important roles in military and political conflicts.


Questions of temporality, surveillance, the role of the market in counterinsurgency, the relationship between war and non-war, and the aesthetics and genre instability of documentary photography motivate my research. These are concerns that are at once ethnographic, theoretical, and political; registers that I interweave in my writing and creative work.


My fieldwork in Colombia dates back to 2001 and includes the completion of three major projects that you can learn more about on this site: Guerrilla Marketing, Shooting Cameras for Peace, and Limbo.  

I complement my abiding interest in media politics and the Colombian conflict with an intellectual commitment to parsing the continuities and ruptures presented by social media, as well as keen attention to the changing modes of documentary practice in the digital age.

To access my publications, please see my page on

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Photo courtesy of Gena Steffens

I am currently working on a book with the provisional title: Transitional Visions: Creative Photojournalism in Post-Peace Accord Colombia. I am taking a situated, ecological approach to analyze a burst of socially concerned genre-bending works from the period 2012–2022.

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